Your friend, the crab, is having a hard time and needs a friend.

To comfort them, press the space bar. It will make them less lonely, but can also irritate them (turn them more red) if they become overwhelmed.

By not doing anything, they will get lonelier (turn bluer). 

Help get them to a good stable state (be purple) by comforting them, but only when they need it, otherwise they'll fade away.

As things start to get dire, they will help you by letting you know what they need, so don't give up!

I appreciate comments with feedback on the difficulty! It still needs lots of adjustments, and I've gotten too good at it :) 

The artwork is by Lisa Luebbert, here is her instagram!

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This is meditative. I feel better now.

I'd say it took about 6 plays before I was able to comfort the crab.   Love your games.