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Your office is downsizing!

You and one of your coworkers must compete to remain employed!

Your Monster of a boss, Rufus, has given you an assignment; Collect as much candy as possible in order to prove yourself

and keep your job.

Whomever collects the most gets to stay,

but if ever you run out of  candy you are fired on the spot.

To save your job, collect the most candy while sending hungry children towards your opponent to thwart their efforts.



  1. Each player starts with two pieces of candy

  2. Toss remaining candy onto the board; move candy onto the closest square

    1. There can be more than one piece on each square

  3. Toss the three children on the board; move them to the closest square

    1. There CANNOT be two children on the same square

  4. Players place their monster in any of the 4 corners that are free

    1. The oldest player places their token first


  1. The player rolls the die and moves the exact number of spaces specified on the die in any direction (no diagonal movement allowed), turning as many times as they wish without doubling back

    1. If there is a piece of candy on the space where the player lands, they receive that piece of candy

    2. If there is a child on the space where the player lands, they flip a coin to scare away the child. If they succeed, nothing happens, but if they fail one piece of that player’s candy is eaten by the child.

  2. The player then moves any child the exact number of spaces they just moved

    1. If the child lands on another player, the current player flips a coin to see if the other player has a piece of candy eaten by that child

  3. At the end of the turn

    1. If either player is out of candy that player loses and the game is over

    2. If all candy is gone the player with the most pieces of candy wins

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